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Business Services Insight
Basic Bookkeeping: What is bookkeeping and how will it help my business?

Many sole traders and entrepreneurs would prefer to spend time winning business rather than evaluating their books. However, when going into business bookkeeping is one of those tasks that just can’t not be done.

HR Insight
Developing Training Protocols for New Employees, Part Two

In part one of this series on developing training protocols, we discussed the value that training protocols provide to employees and organisations, and the three types of training that new and existing employees can benefit from: orientation, job training, and development.

Operations Insight
Can Software Help Your Organisation Manage and Share Knowledge?

Collecting, using, and disseminating knowledge is an important consideration for any business, and even in small and medium organisations, knowledge management is a big task. Using one or more software platforms can make managing knowledge much easier—the trick is finding the software that works for your organisation.

Marketing Insight
A handful of reasons to outsource content writing

When it comes to writing content for your website, printed literature and even social media then it might be worth asking yourself if you are the best person for the job. Doing your own writing might seem like the cheapest option but it isn’t necessarily the best use of your time and may not be the quickest route to getting suitable content.

Operations Insight
Developing Training Protocols for New Employees, Part One

Training is an important and necessary part of empowering new and existing employees to succeed. It's absolutely worthwhile, in most instances, to develop training protocols that new employees can use to get them up to speed quickly and with minimal fuss, but how exactly do you go about this?

Marketing Insight
Ordering Seasonal Products from Aimtrac Group

For any company involved in design or print Christmas always starts that bit earlier so we can be ready when businesses turn their thoughts to the party season. However, Christmas 2020 is shaping up to be vastly different to any other year.

Marketing Insight
What are the essential ingredients of great content?

‘Content is King’ – I wonder if Bill Gates ever realised how much that phrase would be quoted when he first wrote it back in 1996? Even now over 20 years later the phrase is still much talked about and brings up a variety of articles when typed in a search engine (trust me I checked!) all stating the importance of content and why it is so vital in today’s business landscape.

Operations Insight
What is Knowledge Management worth?

Whether you're a sole trader, or running a business of any size, knowledge is one of your most important assets. Important enough that these days, it's crucial to develop clear systems for gathering, organising, and using knowledge.

HR Insight
Permanent vs. Contract: How should you employ your Knowledge Manager?

Bringing in a knowledge manager can dramatically change the way you collect, store and use information within your organisation. In order to make the right changes you will need to decide whether this will be an ongoing, permanent role or one that is best completed on a contract.

Marketing Insight
Invest in your company's future by knowing your limits

Back in February 2019 this Tweet went viral and with almost 42,000 retweets and 132,000 likes, at the time of writing this blog, it’s something that clearly resonates with a lot of people. Like many others we’ve seen this tweet and it resonated with us.

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