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A handful of reasons to outsource content writing

Posted on November 26, 2020

When it comes to writing content for your website, printed literature and even social media then it might be worth asking yourself if you are the best person for the job. Doing your own writing might seem like the cheapest option but it isn’t necessarily the best use of your time and may not be the quickest route to getting suitable content.

Here are just a handful of reasons why hiring a professional copywriter may be a better option.

1) Persuasive copy matters – writing copy isn’t just about getting a set amount of words to fill a page. The main aim should be to always engage the audience and a pro writer knows how best to phrase content that really sells. Including imaginative and creative content as part of your marketing toolbox is just as important as any other sales tool. Having poor content online or in a brochure is likely to give a poor impression.

2) Making the best use of skills – running a business isn’t necessarily about doing everything yourself; if you’re not a trained accountant then you probably don’t do your own books, likewise if a company car breaks down then you’re not likely to try and fix it unless you happen to be a mechanic! The same is true of writing – you may well be able to write coherently and passed English at school but that’s not the same as practicing the skill day in day out and being qualified in all things prose. A professional web content writer does what it says on the tin and they also keep up to date with writing trends and dialogue changes that could be important to your business.

3) Writing is an investment – saying the right thing at the right time is a skill and one which a trained writer can help with. The words on your website and in your company brochures and documents all play a part in developing your brand and company personality. Having a brand that is personable and communicates with your audience is vitally important as more and more people are looking for that personal touch with the companies they work with. Getting high quality writing from a professional writer is an investment worth making to introduce your business and establish what you stand for on an ongoing basis.

4) Business owners think differently to customers – if a business owner is writing their own content they can be too close to the subject matter. They and even their employees can be too involved in day to day operations to write effectively with customers in mind. Working with a professional copywriting agency means that they are independent and are qualified to see things objectively. Most importantly they can see things from a customer’s perspective based on their experience of writing and the understanding they have about your business.

5) Order tailored unique content – hiring a business writer means that you can get completely original content that is specific for your company needs. Our writers are specialists in a variety of topics and areas which means that we can offer content that is tailored to your particular business. Providing content isn’t a one size fits all approach and we will work with you to understand your requirements and match the brief to an expert copywriter.

Contact us to discuss your content requirements and how we can help you with the writing you need for your business documentation or website.

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