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Aimtrac Group…changing the model

Posted on May 19, 2020

Aimtrac Group is a business with a simple message. It wants to help companies, their owners and management teams, by removing the burden of wearing too many hats.

They recognise that without inhouse capability across a range of disciplines, companies can exert unnecessary time and resource on tasks in which they have little knowledge. It can slow down progress, it can drive the wrong outcome and worst of all hit the bottom line.

The company, through a range of sub brands, provided services that covered marketing and lead generation, print and design, content writing and a soon-to-be bookkeeping division. A lack of coherence was seen to be a problem in the making.

With the expanding remit, the new business area of finance, jarred with its existing marketing focus.

In order to refocus and ensure Aimtrac Group could accommodate this new area, as well as be flexible for future diversification to meet the vision of its founders, it needed to be a clear proposition that clearly articulated its customer promise and would provide the anchor for taking the growing company to market.

Pivoting through your proposition

Engaging Konductor, Aimtrac’s Group Managing Director Steve Seymour embarked on a project to determine the company’s proposition, with a view to executing rapidly.

“Konductor’s framework for really understanding our company and the manner in which they brought into sharp focus both our vision and key differentiators was one of the most valuable processes I’ve ever been through in all my years in business,” said Steve.

“Kate and Katharine challenged our company direction, asking questions that we’d really not considered ourselves, and were forensic in their approach to really getting under the skin of what we do and how, crucially, our service differs from anyone else in our sector and in our region.

“With the ambition to expand our business offering by providing another service that played to our ability to help companies remove the age-old problem of wearing too many hats at the same time, they were able to point us in the direction and bottle the rationale and articulate just what it is that makes us different in the eyes of our customers.”

Knowing your business

Following a workshop session and understanding the vision, mission and values of Group Managing Director Steve and his team, the Konductor team played back a simple customer promise that articulated everything Aimtrac stands for, and “Dedication to business success” was born.

It encapsulated the essence of the company, one dedicated to developing and delivering services that move a clients’ company forward, taking away the friction and the time-consuming tasks that can hinder progress, particularly for smaller organisations on a growth curve.

It surmised everything the company needed to be now and everything it could be in the future, accommodating future areas of expertise.

The sum is greater than the parts

The proposition and the rationale gave the company the confidence to invest all its brand efforts in its Group name. From a set of disparate companies with differing services, Aimtrac moved from a hybrid branded structure to a branded house structure.

This model was positioned around company functions. Aimtrac Marketing, encompassing its original services, was joined by Aimtrac Finance to accommodate its new bookkeeping and financial discipline, and in quick succession Aimtrac HR, Aimtrac Operations, new and complementary services with relevance across its existing base and expertise, were brought into the family.

So, the result of a clear proposition for Aimtrac?

Like its customers, it removed the issue of many hats, and put in place a central core that meant customers would recognise one central brand dedicated to nothing but them.

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