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Developing Training Protocols for New Employees, Part Two

In part one of this series on developing training protocols, we discussed the value that training protocols provide to employees and organisations, and the three types of training that new and existing employees can benefit from: orientation, job training, and development.

Operations Insight
Developing Training Protocols for New Employees, Part One

Training is an important and necessary part of empowering new and existing employees to succeed. It's absolutely worthwhile, in most instances, to develop training protocols that new employees can use to get them up to speed quickly and with minimal fuss, but how exactly do you go about this?

HR Insight
Permanent vs. Contract: How should you employ your Knowledge Manager?

Bringing in a knowledge manager can dramatically change the way you collect, store and use information within your organisation. In order to make the right changes you will need to decide whether this will be an ongoing, permanent role or one that is best completed on a contract.

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