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Working from home - will it last beyond COVID-19?

Posted on April 28, 2020

It’s been a few weeks now since the whole of the UK has had to face up to a new way of working and a little over four weeks since the Government imposed a lockdown. Life has changed hugely not only at a professional level but in our private lives too. People in the UK are living in unprecedented times and each day brings with it new challenges with no doubt many more ahead as lockdown continues until at least May 7th.

However, alongside uncertainty there is also a great deal of opportunity for businesses to adopt new ways of working rather than just ‘getting back to normal’ once all this is over. Beliefs over how to do business are being put to the test right now and for business owners there is a huge amount of insight to be gained in this strange and unfamiliar period. We are all keen to return to normal but is it first worth identifying which parts of ‘normal’ are worth returning to?

Rather than another hints and tips article about working from home, we thought it best to think past the lockdown and how at Aimtrac we can help businesses move forward. For example we have been working remotely for the best part of a decade and so we are comfortable with this way of working. Whilst in person meetings and networking are on hold for now, we’ve been able to meet with clients and colleagues remotely for some time and are therefore used to using tools like Zoom for video conferencing. Even for clients overseas that we aren’t physically able to meet, we have never seen this as a barrier to doing business. That being said working from home in these circumstances is very different to outside a lockdown and that should be widely acknowledged.

At one time working from home was generally for a minority, however, employers may find themselves bombarded with requests to make the arrangement more permanent. We recognise that it may not be for everyone but being open minded and more flexible may become new buzzwords long after social distancing and self isolating are a thing of the past. Productivity in a pandemic situation is unlikely to be a measure of business success right now - fairness, loyalty and trust of employees, suppliers and customers alike are qualities that will be the ones people remember the most from this time. They may also be the qualities that see a business through the other side. 

Things to take forward now and beyond COVID-19:

  • Working from home in a lockdown is very different to flexible working or remote working when it's business as usual. This should be acknowledged now and by employers looking to increase remote working opportunities in the future. 
  • A decision on working from home after restrictions are lifted shouldn’t be taken lightly and needs to align to business ethos and vision in order to be successful long term. 
  • Recruitment that includes work from home opportunities can generate loyalty amongst employees and creates a perception about your business to clients.
  • Things can’t go back to normal after this pandemic - businesses need to create a new normal.

Contact Aimtrac to discuss how we can help you foster different working practices in your business. Stay safe.

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