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Hiring a business advisory service like Aimtrac can really help propel your business forward. We have walked your path as business owners and have built our business around the same pain points we experienced when first starting out. 

As a business advisory service we are here to help you build a better business. As a business owner, you are the expert on your mission and the services or products you provide. However, there may be areas of your business that you are less clear about. You might have a lot of data on sales, cash flow, and performance, but lack the time or expertise to translate this into useful information. 

We can gather all of the necessary data, make sense of the numbers, and provide bespoke advice on where you stand and how to take your business to the next level. You get easy to understand advice from an experienced advisor that you can put to use right away. 

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Businesses that have a great bookkeeping system operate like a well oiled machine. The accounts are properly arranged, data entry is systematic and clear reports are always readily available. At Aimtrac we’ll happily look at your existing processes with you for free, and we’ll offer advice as to how you could achieve the perfect system.
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Our Team

The Aimtrac team is a group of subject matter experts, all dedicated to helping companies grow. Bookkeeping is an essential function of any business but also one that can prove to be a significant pain point for company owners. We offer professional bookkeeping services to help take the pressure off businesses when recording financial transactions and keeping on top of cash flow. We can bring practical support to your business through our qualified bookkeeping team providing you with regular contact and updates regarding your financial position.
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Steve Seymour - Aimtrac Group
Steve Seymour
Managing Director
Sharon Ashmore - Aimtrac Group
Sharon Ashmore
Head of Bookkeeping & Payroll
Clare Halton - Aimtrac Group
Clare Halton
PA & Office Manager
Janine Jesse
Business Advisor

What will a business advisor do?

Our advisors can show you which areas of your business need more attention and reveal new opportunities for you to grow or enhance performance. Even the smallest businesses can harness the skills and experience of experts in financial planning and business strategy. With the right business mentoring and an effective strategy, your small business will continue to grow and meet business objectives.

Why do I need quality business advisory services to unlock business growth?

Every business is unique. The generic advice on business strategy and planning that you find online or in books won’t necessarily apply to your situation. In order to realise the true potential of your business, it is vital to get tailored advice from an expert. You will be able to make better decisions about your business when you have the right information and support.
Our business consulting services enable you to make use of our knowledge and experience. We’ll help identify the best opportunities for growth and select the best strategies for overcoming the challenges you’ll face along the way.

How do I know a business advice service will help me?

As well as our understanding of business planning and finances, we’ll also offer a valuable outside perspective on your business. Sometimes it’s hard to step back from the everyday running of your business and think about the future. We’ll help you to create an effective business strategy that you can put into action to grow your business.
Advisory companies can assist with your long term business planning or help you to address a specific goal or concern that you’re facing. Perhaps you want to expand into a new market or you need business restructuring advice to help you adapt to a changing world. We can provide a realistic, informative assessment of your business and help create a business plan for you to implement. If you need ongoing support, then we will be here to guide you as your business grows.

How do business advisory companies help small businesses achieve success?

Business advisory services can be particularly valuable for small and medium sized businesses. As a small business owner, your time is valuable. It can be impossible to find more time to analyse your performance and plan for the future. Hiring someone with the necessary financial skills and business planning experience to do it for you isn’t a cost effective option for smaller businesses either. You can end up reacting to events rather than following a business strategy towards specific goals.
Our small business advisory service can supply the skills and experience you need to plan for the future. A small business consultant can examine your finances and get to know your business before providing personalised advice to help you take your next steps.

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Why use Aimtrac for business advisory services?

The key to getting the best business advice is to choose the right advisor. Advisory companies sometimes specialise in certain sectors or work with businesses of a particular size or structure, but the most useful advice usually comes from consultancies that have more varied experiences like us. We work with companies across the North West from our Altrincham base and we have helped small and medium sized businesses in various sectors all over Greater Manchester and beyond.
We believe business mentoring works best when both sides contribute their expertise and listen to each other and we will always ensure you are both confident and comfortable with our skills before proceeding. Our flexible advice is tailored to your business and will always work alongside an implementation strategy that keeps you informed at every stage.
We have experience assisting sole traders, partnerships, and limited companies so we understand the needs of all kinds of businesses. We’ll provide the advice and support you need to unleash the full potential of your business.

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