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A high-performing and engaged workforce, operating within a set of robust processes which both maximises job role performance and protects you as an employer, doesn’t just appear out of nowhere – it’s a strategic lever.

Power through your people

A company’s most valuable asset is its people - they make or break a company.

We can provide you with access to all the people-related services you need to run a successful company. We are experts in supporting companies by providing an ROI on their people-related spend through culture development communication frameworks and HR as a service.
For smaller organisations, the resources you want to wrap around your people don’t always fit your budget, not least being complex and difficult to navigate.

From recruitment, development, HR process, employment law, culture or internal comms, Aimtrac HR is structured to help meet these challenges.

We provide direct access to all the people-related services you need, irrespective of the sector, maturity or size of your company.
To achieve your company objectives, you need an engaged workforce. It ensures they are committed, supportive of your goals and aligned behind your vision, mission and values. Employees need to know how individual role will help achieve that success.
Realise the commercial impact of putting people at forefront of your company strategy. The results can be staggering - high performance, an engaging company culture, and strong company integrity.

Our Approach


Our first step is always to analyse the business and discuss what the pain points are that you are trying to solve and your overall business objectives. For example with our bookkeeping service we will look at current expenditure and the way money is managed and improvements that can be made; for marketing services we will look at how marketing is positioned within the business, existing web presence, customer communications, branding and the marketing budget.


Working in partnership alongside your company we will implement the plan based upon the strategy identified. Due to the agile nature of Aimtrac we can adapt the support provided quickly and efficiently which is why we can offer such a range of services.


From our analysis and discussions with you as a client we will formulate a plan across the areas needing improvement. We will make short term and long term suggestions based on your current business needs and budget. We can support your business in one or all our areas of expertise either on a singular service basis or one or more services running concurrently.


Our team will provide regular updates and progress reports, results will be monitored frequently to ensure targets are being met. We are completely committed to providing value to companies so we frequently check in to monitor return on investment as well as where else we can add value.

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